June 2013

I've never met a website I couldn't make better. That includes the luminaries - the folks who in comparison to most Internet Entrepreneurs have "unlimited" funds to support their web design dreams.

While I was in Chicago at IRCE earlier this month, I had the chance to review many sites - members of the Internet Retailer Top 500 them.

Now these are folks who have dozens of people on their web teams - they own sites where a one tenth of a point improvement in conversion rate equals a million dollars in sales.

You might think folks like that would come to a tradeshow booth to get a website review to basically confirm they are awesome - and you'd be totally wrong about that.

I did have a few folks who were looking to confirm their awesomeness, which was very interesting. You could see they were unhappy with the list of ways they could improve their site - every one of them was struggling to solve issues and not having the easiest time of it. Hmmmmm.

All of that got me thinking about web design and one of my favorite questions about it:

Now you all already know the wonderfully cheeky geeky answer - never.

But the thing that intrigues me is the underlying principle of website design success and the way site owners think - abandoning any notion of ever being done. That's hard.

It makes perfect sense that as people we want to be "done" with our website design, or to at least be done "for a little while" - this is especially true for folks who have worked in the print world, those folks often have a troublesome time transitioning to the success principles of web design.

So take a second and ask yourself if you are approaching your web design from a web success perspective or from a "done" perspective.

Quick Test:
  • What is the next major update you'll be making to your site?
  • What is the next minor update that happens on a regular basis?
  • What have you identified as a problem you need to work on via design updates?
If I might be so bold - let me share with you my own answers to those questions.

The next major update will be a change to my site's header - I got new glasses and it has been a few years, I need a new picture of me. I'll also be adding an extensive video section slated to go live in August.

The next minor scheduled update - as I write this - is the addition of this Web Enlightenment article to the site archives. We'll also be adding new CTA's (calls to action), changing over the monthly webinar, and making the usual social media posts.

What I've identified as a weakness I need to work on are the forms. I'm getting ok conversion on people signing up and downloading my stuff but I know I could be doing much better, I need to add some compelling graphics that encourage people to take action.

So there it is - major update, minor scheduled update, weakness being worked on.

Do you have a list like this for your site?

Here's the bottom line for Internet Entrepreneurs

When it comes to website design it is very easy to accept the idea that you are never "done" - but what you really need to do is shift your thinking to assure ongoing success. I'm here to tell you that successful Internet Entrepreneurs don't view the idea of never being done with design as a problem, they view it as a joy. They know the answers to those three questions and so should you.

Ross Lasley is the Internet Educator, an experienced Internet entrepreneur providing web strategy and consulting services to businesses. Ross speaks frequently on web design, e-commerce, and Internet marketing issues and maintains a weekly newsletter, Web Enlightenment.
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