Joomla!® makes web design and SEO faster and easier and therefore, more affordable! The Thistle Site Design Team has several years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which for us has always meant...what Google asks us to do. Our goal is to develop sites which are user and search-engine friendly, ensuring that your visitors can easily locate the information, services or products you are providing and the search engine 'spiders' can access site content for effective indexing results. There will be NO need for you to hire a 3rd party SEO company to optimize your website. We build it using common sense and Google directives from the ground up!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the term used for improving your site in relation to it's placement in the search engine index. A listing in the first few pages is essential to your site's traffic flow. The majority of sites receive visitors directly from search engines such as Google.

SEO is really just COMM0N SENSE combined with good design principles AND LOTS OF WELL-WRITTEN MEANINGFUL CONTENT. Without proper optimization your site could be essentially ignored by the search engine spiders which gather site content (text) to add to their database. There is no wisdom in having a fabulous, high-tech site, featuring all the bells and whistles modern technology can offer, which is buried deeply in query results because the search engines could not find enough relevant keyword-rich, textual content to list the site effectively in their database. It really is as simple as that!


A professional SEO company will not make 'page one' promises nor incorporate unacceptable, spammy or out-of-date practices to boost your site rankings. AND a reputable SEO company will NEVER distribute unsolicited emails to try to get website owners to sign on with them for their SEO requirements using promises of making your site #1 or offering up a list of erroneous or meaningless site stats to supposedly back up their attempt to extract your hard-earned money.

Optimization alone CANNOT guarantee your site will be in the TOP-TEN results and any SEO company making such a claim is, at best, dishonest! These companies often charge monthly fees to 'manage' your site's SEO. Sure, it is advisable to 'tweak' your content keywords / keyword phrases or meta title tags a little from time to time if an analysis shows that people are searching for your product or service using different or additional words etc., but this does not have to be done every month.

And never fall for that added fee to 'submit your site to 1000s of search engines and directories'. Some lessor search engines have some importance but being listed in their results won't help you with Google or Yahoo positioning. This is NOT necessary because the search engines will find your site very quickly after it is launched, all by themselves. There is NEVER any need to pay anyone to submit your website to any search engines.

Proper optimization and a link to your new site on our client page will ensure that your site will be listed within 1-2 weeks in the search engine databases, without the need to pay for inclusion. It will then come up in the listings if people use any of the keywords / phrases included in your site content. We design all our websites with optimization in mind, using methods recommended and approved by Google.


If your site is properly designed and optimized with well-written content utilizing keywords and keyword phrases relevant to the products and services you offer and is easy for site visitors to navigate, then the search engines will like it as well. A well-optimized site will achieve successful organic results without the need to submit to any search engines. The only way to guarantee top 10 placement is to pay the search engine for it.

And please keep in mind that even if your site pops up on pages 1 - 3 in a search on any given day, it will not show up in the same position the next day (or even in the next hour) because those results are governed solely by the search engines and fluctuate CONSTANTLY.

If you really need your site on the first page in Google you may as well pay them for it. It will cost you less than paying for SEO quackery!


Social Media Networking has become THE key element in marketing success on the Internet so you should consider hiring a reputable Search Engine Marketing (SEM) OR Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert to help you come up with a workable strategy to effectively market your business or service through your website. AND whatever you try, sign up for a short-term period and then assess the success of the campaign. Do not sign up for a year, pay out a lot of money and end up with no real results.